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PQ Angels: Issue #1

Up in the sky, there was this small brooch-like spaceship of some sort with two girls in it. They were flying above an airport. Then, they have decided to go there and have a look around.

A young boy with headphones, looked up and saw a light. He wondered if it was an UFO. As he hum a song, he heard a girl saying that the airport was a cool place. The boy turned but didn't see anyone. Suddenly, the boy got hit on the head. Another guy with glasses shouted at him for being so slow and that their father will be leaving. The boy complained about being hit on the head. A lady told Ouji,the boy, to listen to his brother. An older guy told Ouga, the one with the glasses, that he will leave it to him to take care of things. Ouga, assured them (their father and Umeko, the lady) that he will take care of Ouji and wished them to be careful on their trip.

As Ouji and Ouga walked away together, Ouga told his brother that he will go back to the hospital and would later call him. A little girl was reading a manga of Sailormoon and there was a cockroach on the chair near the girl's back. The girl's mother called the little girl just as when the climax of revealing as to what will happen if Sailor Pluto stopped time. The little girl closed the book and threw it on the seat. Then the cockroach, shouted as to what had happened which made the little girl look back and made Ouji to look as to where the voice came from. The cockroach immediately jumped off the chair. Ouji and the little girl are wondering as to who shouted when there was no one of the chairs.

Ouji looked down and saw two cockroaches. He wonders about the insects since there are heart and star marks on their back. There were flashing lights behind Ouji then suddenly, the cockroach with a heart mark went to Ouji, much to the surprise of the other cockroach with a star mark. The cockroach with a heart mark kissed the suprised Ouji on the lips. There was a bright light and when Ouji opened his eyes, he saw a girl lying on top of him, smiling. Ouga looked back and wondered as to where his brother was when he saw a cockroach with a star mark. Ouga was frightened when he saw the cockroach then it went on his lips. After a bright light, Ouga fell to the ground. Another girl appeared and grab the other girl on Ouji as she apologize for bumping on Ouji. Ouji wonders as to if they really bump on him and who those two girls are. He grabbed this brother who was still lying on the ground and was still looked stunned. Ouji remembered being kissed by cockroachs and his brother being kissed, too. He immediately proposed that they go home and forget about the kissing incident. As he looked down, he saw a necklace with a heart-shape pendant.

Kyuuri, the girl with a star-marked cockroach tattoo on her left arm told the other girl that what she did was dangerous and asked as to what she was doing on the chair. Peanut, the girl with a heart-marked cockroach tattoo said that she was reading an interesting manga and that she was a bit surprised. Kyuuri asked about what. Peanut, with hearts all over, talked about the boy they have met and that there was lights flashing near the boy. Kyuuri, a bit angry, asked Peanut as to what are the three furien principles. Peanut told her that the first one is one must not injure a human, the second is to take care of yourself and your allies, and the third is do not fall in love with a human. Kyuuri sermoned Peanut about the way to behave since Peanut is new to this world. Peanut ran to a food stall and bought a lot of boxes of dumplings. Peanut asked Kyuuri to pay for them all as she happily eats them. Peanut then asked as to what will happen if the furien principles are broken and Kyuuri told her that the person will be punished according to their laws. Peanut then asked from the window about the water falling from the sky. Kyuuri told her that it is rain. Peanut went out and remarked that it is fun to play with as Kyuuri smiled at her. On a bus, Ouji saw them and wondered as to why they are playing in the rain then he looked at the necklace.

In one part of the airport, three stewardess came and talked casually. Then there was a bright light above, they produced their passports and introduced each other. They say that their mission it to follow 'them' undetected until their boss, Pyrethrum gets what she want. Kyuuri sensed something and looked back but she didn't see anything. Peanut then shouted in surprise and told Kyuuri that her id badge is gone. Peanut says that she remembered that she has put it on then she thinks that she must have dropped it when she was with the boy. Kyuuri twisted her wrist device and out came a little mascot (a ball with ears and eyes) called backey mouse. As the backey mouse flies over the airport, Kyuuri and Peanut can't see a single trace of the pendant nor the two brothers. Kyuuri thinks that the two guys must have taken it and that without it, they can't go home. Both the girls kissed their wrist device and became cockroachs. They flew off with the backey mouse.

There were two small girls going home, when they were kissed by two cockroachs. The cockroachs turned into Peanut and Kyuuri and they ran off, leaving the two suprised girls. They were near a house and with the help of backey mouse, they saw that the pendant was on a table in the house. Kyuuri said that before they get the pendant, they have to take care of something. As Kyuuri looked back, the three stewardess who were hiding came out and attacked them. Kyuuri and Peanut called each other P and Q then transformed as they kissed each other on the lips. Ouji saw a bright light from the window and looked up to see what it was.

The enemies made the ground rise up on the two but Peanut aka 'P' made a fog and froze the enemies in fruit sherbets. Kyuuri aka 'Q' destroyed the enemies inside the sherbet . Q wonders who the enemies were as P eats the fruit sherbets that she had made. They transform back to their old clothes as Ouji saw everything and blushed when he saw Peanuts' panty. Ouji quickly closed the curtains as he comments that those two were from the airport are not humans and came from a bright light. Kyuuri had sensed something as if someone had seen them and was a bit quiet.

Peanut pointed to a vacant lot and told Kyuuri that they should live there to get the pendant again and know more about the people on Earth especially about the life of a human boy. With the help of the backey mouse, a big chinese-style house was built. Peanut was delighted and told Kyuuri that they will try their best. A car has arrived and Ouga came out of the car. He was surprised to see their new neighbors. Ouji then went out of the house telling his brother about a bright light and two weird girls. He stopped when he saw Peanut looking at him. Kyuuri was angry for being called weird but greeted them good evening. Peanut blushed and greeted them,too.

Kyuuri bows down and introduced herself as Peanut jumped up and down as she introduced herself. Ouga told them that they are the Hagemashi, their neighbors. Kyuuri thinks that she hates this two people especially the short one while Peanut kept on thinking about the Hagemashi. Then Kyuuri grabbed Peanut and went into the house. Ouga was happy and comments to Ouji that it is nice to have girls living next door to them. Ouji asks his brother as to how a house can be built overnight. His brother told him that in Japan, buildings and houses can be built immediately. Ouji can't believe what his brother had just said and thinks to himself that his neighbors are aliens. As Kyuuri cooks in their new house, she feels that all this is a bad idea and that they just want to get the id badge. Meanwhile Peanut kept on smiling, thinking of Ouji, as she eats.

PQ Angels: Issue #2

P(Peanut) and Q(Kyuuri) were in their final test to become the Queen's
strongest bodyguards,
'Orc Halberd Oniwaban'. With their teamwork, they easily destroyed a giant
spider. An alien figure,a general came out and told them that they have
passed the test and gave them two fish statues which are symbols of the Orc
Halberd Oniwaban.

The general opened a gateway to the Fujiyama Castle where the Queen
resides in order for P and Q to be introduced and be told of their duties.
As they walk up the stairs. P greeted Yamato, the Queen's pet dragon which
surprised Q and the general. P told them that she was here before. P
noticed that Yamato seem to be different today and wonders what's wrong.

They went in the castle. The general introduced himself as Paichuu to
Queen Anko and then, he introduced P and Q. P noticed something wrong with
the queen who was behind a curtain. P opened the curtain and pull away the
cloth where the Queen was hiding. Under it, they found a bald woman.
Paichuu ask the clay figure shrine maiden as to what she was doing. The
woman exclaimed that the Queen is missing. All of them wondered as to where
the Queen has disappeared to.

Suddenly, Peanut and Kyuuri woke up. It was all a dream. They talked about
Peanut's studying about the history of Japan from a disc. Kyuuri told
Peanut that their golden fish statues are on the roof in order to protect
them. To make Peanut happy, Kyuuri made some fireworks which woke up Ouji.

Ouji opened his window and saw Peanut floating in air. Peanut greeted him
good morning. Kyuuri called out to Peanut and asked her to come back in for
a shower. Ouji was still a bit dazed with what he saw and wonders about the
two if they are aliens from outer space and as to what was their purpose
for coming here.

Peanut and Kyuuri changed their names into Piiko and Kyuuko and their
identity in order to appear as normal human beings. They were off to school
when Piiko saw Ouji. She greeted him and asked him if he was going to
school. Ouji said yes and immediately left for he thinks that Piiko is too
noisy for him. Piiko and Kyuuko wonders about Ouji's behavior.

In school, it turns out that Piiko and Kyuuko are in the same class as
Ouji. Everyone was talking about the new students. Later on, their
classmates talked with Piiko and Kyuuko and their talk later on, drifted to
Ouji. Piiko saw Ouji watering the plants and noticed the shiny part on his
head again.

After dismissal time, Kyuuko asked Ouji if he saw a pendant in the
airport. Ouji agreed to return it to her tomorrow then asked her as to what
planet she came from. Everyone was suprised and laughing at him. Cecile
then told the others that it was not funny for she believe in

As Ouji walk home, he remembers the first time he had met with Piiko. He
then saw two ladies in magician suits. When the two ladies saw him, they
immediately disappeared. Kyuuri talked about the id badge which will be
returned by Ouji tommorrow but Piiko was too busy eating. Later on, they
went out to the grocery.

Outside, the two magician ladies has found the fish statues on top of
Piiko and Kyuuri's house. They tried to enter but there was a shield so
they can't get near it. Piiko and Kyuuri noticed the two and wonders if
they were from the same enemies that they have met before. They immediately transform.

PQ Angels: Issue #3

P(Piiko) and Q(Kyuuri)completed their transformation. Since P is very
hungry and wants to finish this fight immediately, she destroyed the
enemies single-handedly. This had made Q angry since she wasn't able to
fight at all. Q then, remembered that they have to go to the grocery before
it closes.

Ouji went out to go to cram school. He got the heart-shaped pendant and
plans to put it into Piiko and Kyuuko's mailbox in order to avoid a
meeting. He looked up and saw the two floating in the air. Ouji was shocked
as the two girls were shocked. P told Q that they would just go to the
grocery and think about this later. P then saw her pendant and immediately
flew down to Ouji. P took her pendant and thanked him. They flew off
leaving Ouji wondering about the two.

At P and Q's house, P and Q was able to open a portal to return to their
world since the id badge was returned. General Paichuu was very angry since
they were late. They apologized. P blurted out that she had lost the badge
but was able to get it again. General Paichuu asked if anyone knew about
their identies. They said no one though at the back of their heads, they
know that Ouji knows. Honey [the bald woman from the previous issue]
invited them for tea.

General Paichuu asked for a report. Q told him that they were able to go
into Tokyo 1999 as human beings but they were followed. She asked the
general if they were the ones who kidnapped the Queen. General Paichuu told
them that it is still early to know and they were not sure if the Queen was
really kidnapped. Q asked for more information about the people who were
following them. He told them that they could be from the Radical Zone
commanded by Pyrethrum.

General Paichuu also told them that those people might be after the
Giraffe stone that the Queen carries which can be used to control the
world. The Queen should be the only one who knows where it is and there
might be a spy. This had surprised P and Q. General Paichuu told them that
they shouldn't jump into any conclusions and that their mission for now is
to find the Queen and terminate any those who are in their way. Honey gave
them a rod which will help them locate the Queen as well as well as their
enemies. P and Q tranported back.

On their way to school, Kyuuko wonders on how to find the Queen but Piiko
interrupts her and told her of a festival in school so they should start
searching there. A girl invited them to the athletic part of the festival.
As they were dressing in the lockers, the other girls thought that there
was a cockroach on Piiko's arm. Piiko was about to say that it is a Furien
symbol when Kyuuko stops her immediately and told them that it was a
tattoo. Later on, the other girls want a tattoo like it, too. Kyuuko warned
Piiko to be careful about revealing their secret identities.

The girls were now making signboards as encouragement for the athletes.
Piiko drew her face on it with a victory sign. A girl told her that she
could be a manga artist. Piiko says that she loves manga especially if
there are romantic stories with princes in it. Kyuuko thought that it was
the first time that she has heard Piiko mentioned about it.

Cecile was telling fortunes and one of them came true. Kuria was
commenting that Cecile is into the occult. Sunia told her that Piiko is
cute. Kuria exclaimed that she must live in outer space to still dream
about princes. Sunia replied that maybe Ouji is the prince since they are
neighbors. Kuria agreed for the threesome are very close. The two girls
immediately went to the field since the games are starting. Cecile heard
what the two girls were talking about.

Piiko was happy to be in the festival when someone called her 'Peanut' She
was surprised that it was Ouji. He called Kyuuko as Kyuuri since it was the
names they used when they first introduced themselves to him. Kyuuko asked
him to keep all these a secret. Ouji told them if they don't do anything to
him and to the earth then he'll agree. Piiko immediately told him that they
were not going to do anything bad and they just want to make friends. Ouji
was thinking if being friends is another way of saying invading. Ouji told
them to be careful of the government, scientists and the MIB [Men in Black
in reverence to the movie] Suddenly, Cecile interrupts saying that she
loves the topic that they were discussing. But there was a bread-eating
contest wherein Cecile was to be in so she was dragged away though she kept
on wondering about the strange things the threesome were talking about.

In a contest, a pole has to be toppled down which is an all-boys event. A
girl told Piiko that if they win, they will be able to have a big party at
night where there will be eating, drinking and singing. Piiko wanted their
group to win so she joined in and with the use of her bracelet, she toppled
down the pole. Everyone was surprised though Kyuuko is very angry since
their identity might be revealed. Nearby, there are two girls in bathing
suits watching them. They introduced themselves as the camgal sisters and
that they have noticed the Furien power from Piiko.

The last contest is a relay race. Piiko runs fast because after the
contest, the party can begin. Everyone was surprised that Piiko can run so
fast. Suddenly, the camgals came and pushed the other people in the race.
Kyuuko used the rod and found out that they were not real human beings.
Piiko and Kyuuko immediately changed into cockroaches so that they won't
transform in front of all the people. Everyone wondered as to where they
went. The camgirls saw them and went after them. As cockroaches, Piiko and
Kyuuko kissed two boys who were very shocked. The twosome then jumped over
the fence.

They transformed into P and Q as the camgirls went into their true forms.
P used sardines on the camgirls and were finished by Q's chrysanthemum
sake. P and Q changed back to their uniforms and tried to go back to the
contest. Ouji told them not to go back into the race because it was called
off. The two were surprised. Ouji told them that since they disappeared,
everyone was looking for them. He advised them to go to the clinic and say
that they were sick. Piiko asked about the party and Ouji told him that
he'll get them into the party later and that they should know how to make
alibis since they were aliens. Piiko told him that they were not aliens,
much to Kyuuko's astonishment. Ouji asked her as to what they are. Piiko
answered that they are Furien. Ouji asked as to what country is it and
comments that they smell of sake.

Kyuuko immediately grabbed Piiko and ran off. Ouji was wondering as to
what he got himself into. Two boys were being teased by the others as to
what they were doing at the back. The two defended themselves saying that
cockroaches have landed on their mouths. Ouji was then reminded of what had
happened to him and thought that, there must be an outbreak of cockroaches.
At the clinic, Piiko comments that Ouji was very nice but Kyuuko says that
he is not nice for he used their real names and was ordering them around.