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PQ Angels Character Guide


This is Pii-ko! She is the more vivacious one of the duo. Pii-ko is
completely boy crazy, although she already has a very special someone
in mind named Ouji! :) Pii-ko is a delightful scatterbrain who reminds 
us of Usagi-chan from Sailor Moon. She is already my persoanl favorite
character. She has no concept of what it means to be a normal Japanese
school girl and is constantly attracting the curious stares of the other
students! Ouji especially tends to be wary when Pii-ko is around since
you can never be sure what she's capable of doing!


This is Kyu-ko! She is a very refined and formal young lady, with all 
the grace and elegance of any princess. Kyu-ko is not boy crazy like
Pii-ko but we are hoping she will hook up with Ouga! Simply because the
names would be just too cute! Pii-ko with Ouji and Kyu-ko with Ouga! Casey
has already declared Kyu-ko to be her fave character (not that I agree :)
but Kyu-ko's maturity is occasionally very refreshing after Pii-ko's
childishness :P


This is Ouji-san! Despite the fact that Pii-ko bugs the heck out of him
he likes her a lot more than he would ever admit. Pii-ko conveniently
chooses to kiss Ouji-san when ever the oppurtunity arrises for her to
transform! Ouji-san has remarked on several occasions that Pii-ko is
deffinitely NOT human! She denies it of course, but he pretty much knows
the truth :)